Lagomasino has Extensive Experience

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GenSpring Family Offices CEO Maria Elena Lagomasino, who prefers to be called Mel, has made a name for herself not only in the wealth management arena, but also as a mentor and leader in the Hispanic community. She was named Hispanic Business Woman of the Year by Hispanic Business magazine in 2007 and has participated in numerous panel discussions and leadership courses on topics ranging from Latin American economics to women and wealth management. These panels and courses have been sponsored by various organizations, such as the Women Corporate Directors (WCD) Americas Institute, TIGER21 and GenSpring.

Lagomasino’s success in wealth management is demonstrative of the increasing role of Hispanics in the boardroom. Rima Matsumoto, executive director of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, has said that “having a Latina in a C-level position at a leading wealth management company is an encouraging sign for both women and Hispanics and we look forward to her continued leadership as a role model in the community.”

Lagomasino has extensive experience in Central and Latin America; she was previously the vice president and team leader for Latin America at Chase Manhattan Private Bank early in her career. In 2005 President Bush appointed Lagomasino to help lead an effort securing private sector funds for disaster relief in Central America.

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